Viodi's Content Pavilion at TelecomNEXT


Viodi's Content Pavilion was a "soup to nuts" look at content during TelecomNEXT in Vegas - March 2006. Below are sample video's from the filmfest submissions (22 from 8 independent telcos) and highlights from the webinar hosted by US Telecom and produced by Viodi on the topic of local content and independent telcos.

Festival awards went to diversiCOM - Melrose Telephone Company (the Producers Award with a copy of Vegas+DVD software from Sony Media Software), diversiCOM for Sports, diversiCOM for Commercial, Ringold for Cooking, NU Telecom & Ellijay ETC3 for Biographies / Documentaries, and KTM Germantown for Education, Information, Instruction.

The Pavilion Sponsors demonstrated various tools for generating content, mixing, editing, distribution with DRM (Digital Rights Management), billing, viewing, and rendering for casting and streaming over wide and broadband networks to phones, PODs, PCs, televisions, and future digital devices. Attendies learned how content takes on many forms as we listen, view, and interact with voice, music, games, photos, and video. The Pavilion sponsors provided a full suite of tools: - Audio & Video editing software - On Demand and Streaming Servers - VOD & SVOD Content / Programming - VoIP with video - Applications - On-line Games - Billing and Integration - Digital Rights Management - Content Delivery & Viewing - Billing - Ad Insertion - Distribution...

These companies represent the various elements behind content, and the king of of it all... ownership. They represent the elements of filming, editing, gaming, interactivity, indexing, mixing, servers, distribution, broadcasting, and digital rights management. The pavilion is expected to draw a wide range of participants from telco's with or planning video networks, to the many other operators and vendors using or considering cutting-edge video networks.

TelecomNEXT is the trade show focused on today’s integrated telecom industry and is the gathering place for telecom carriers that are deploying state-of-the art HFC and IPTV networks. Organized by US Telecom, the Telecom conferences and trade show have grown in attendance by over 400% since 2002 and attendance is expected to double for TelecomNEXT. 

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