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Sponsorship Opportunities


Viodi is providing several sponsorship opportunities that will provide additional exposure for sponsor’s brand.

  1. "Content Creation" Booth Space and Activities - See details link on left.
  2. "Content Central" for operator showcase - See details link on left. radio picture
  3. "Live FM Localcast" of audio from the Content Theater audio will be broadcasted locally to sponsor labeled FM radio's. The FM transmitter will allow attendees to listen to the "Content Central" Channels. Audio has range of 100 feet from the the booth. 1,000 FM radios will be made available as give-aways for attendees.  The sponsor’s logo will be included on these give-aways.
  4. "Content Meeting Rooms" are available for private meetings on the conference floor. Contact Viodi for pricing and availability.
  5. "Content Channel Commercial" in "Content Central" video channel. This is a 30 second spot, and is repeated hourly; Includes sponsor logo and booth number.
  6. "Content Channel Commercial" sent on the Content Central Channel feds to participating vendor booths.  Includes sponsor logo and booth number in a 30 second spot that repeats once per hour.
  7. Content Mixer & Awards Food & Beverage Sponsorship:  Two entities will share this sponsorship.  Sponsors will be recognized with special banners, their names on the Content Mixer & Awards tickets and will be given the opportunity to announce an award during the Content Mixer & Awards.  Sponsors will receive 100 tickets each.
  8. Pre-show email promotions to Viodi’s 3000 member telco database. 


  • Platinium - Exclusive Content Mixer, One Commercial insert, exhibit space and special status on web site.
  • Gold - Content Mixer, One Commercial Insert, exhibit space and special status on web site.
  • Silver - FM Radio Give-Away, exhibit space, one commercial insert, exhibit space and special recognition on web site.

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Contact Information:

Ken Pyle at Viodi LLC

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