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Engage with Adobe to deliver engaging content

Adobe revolutionizes how the world engages with ideas and information—anytime, anywhere and through any medium. Adobe’s products and technologies enable the development and delivery of rich applications and content that engage people through a variety of media.

At the Content Pavilion, Adobe will demonstrate how the Flash Media Server is enabling Telecom operators to deliver engaging and interactive multimedia content and communications services that subscribers can enjoy from any platform or browser. The result: unique and compelling experiences that drive subscriber loyalty and lifetime value.

(See NRTC in Booth 2263)

NRTC, working with the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association and SES AMERICOM, is offering rural providers an end-to-end transport solution for IP-based MPEG-4 video. NRTC also is gathering IP-format program distribution rights for Telcos' DSL and FTTH systems

Founded in 2000, ViewNow offers providers a complete VOD and SVOD programming lineup and resources to achieve a successful rollout of video services.

The company has a solid management team and strategy that has positioned itself as one of the leading programming providers serving the VOD and SVOD deployments of today and tomorrow.

IIntegra5 is empowering the eTelecomm™ generation with real-time personalized IP content and communications products via it’s i5 Service Creation & Delivery Platform. The i5 SDP enables telcos, cable operators and emerging eTelecomm providers to seamlessly combine Internet, voice, video and mobile content to create new converged applications as a result of real-time data integration. Service providers can now quickly and economically create and deploy a broad portfolio of converged consumer applications which increase customer loyalty, up- and cross-sell to higher levels of service and increase ARPU. The patented technology is standards-based, features a scalable, distributed architecture that can future proof for IMS and has the processing performance required for real-time delivery of signals and information between data, telephone (public switched and IP), cable TV (traditional and IP) and cellular networks. It supports multiple set-top boxes, PCs and phone lines per household. The i5 Service Creation & Delivery Platform has been commercially deployed with service providers since mid-2004.

Iacta is a consulting and development team founded in 1994 to produce content and applications for interactive television. Iacta's roots are in television, advertising, software development, and project management. What makes Iacta unique in the iTV industry is nine years' hands-on experience with real (paying) iTV users. Iacta has pioneered games on multiple TV platforms with its Games4TV service, and provides Iacta CAST, a portal service for iTV that showcases local content, news, features, sports and weather. Iacta also consults on service design, consumer electronic user interfaces, and user interaction.

(See C-Cor in Booth 2305)

C-COR offers technology solutions for cable operators worldwide that put subscribers in personal control of their entertainment, information, and communication needs. C-COR’s portfolio of interoperable software and hardware helps network operators provide on demand subscriber services on today’s plant while expediting their migration to an all-IP intelligent network. C-COR’s advanced system applications support on demand content delivery, customer provisioning, network optimization and health, automated workforce management, business services, and digital ad insertion. C-COR also offers the industry-leading 1 GHz family of broadband access technology that supports CWDM optical multiplexing and segmentation for narrowcast and future switched digital services. For more information visit

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Triple Play Jobs is the premier career website focused exclusively on Next Generation Broadband Infrastructure, Architecture, and Technology that will enable the roll out of Triple Play Services (VoIP, IPTV, and Broadband Data) by Service Providers and Cable Companies.


Packet8 is communications for the Broadband Generation. This technology has ben used by Viodi for Newsletter VBlogs, and conference speakers. Packet8 is an affordable and easy-to-use broadband telephone and videophone service. Designed with both residential and business customers in mind, Packet8 allows anyone with broadband (high-speed) Internet access to use their regular phone to make UNLIMITED calls to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

Sponsored by... Sony Media Software manages the following media creation software titles: Sound Forge® software, Vegas® software, CD Architect™ software, DVD Architect™ software, ACID® PRO software, Sony Sound Series™ music and sound effects libraries, Sony Vision Series™ graphics, animations and stock footage libraries, Noise Reduction™ Plug-In, Vegas Movie Studio™ software, ACID Music Studio™ software and Sound Forge Audio Studio™ software. The team also runs the ACIDplanet™ online service (, a worldwide community for progressive musicians.

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(see Sencore in booth 549)

Sencore designs and manufactures a variety of products for both analog and digital video. We specialize in instruments that provide you with detailed analysis or operational monitoring of MPEG-2, H.264, IPTV, 8-VSB, QAM, COFDM, and QPSK signals. Each unit is designed to meet your system's analyzing and troubleshooting needs. Each instrument is backed by the best after the sale support in the industry.

Serious Magic, Inc. was founded in early 2001 by a team of industry veterans. They have created a host of next generation video software and communication tools for business, consumer, educational and professional markets. Products include Visual Communicator with the look, feel and effectiveness of a network television newscast; ULTRA the first software that makes high-quality keying and sophisticated virtual sets dramatically easier and more practical for both studio and in-the-field video productions; DV Rack, the first PC-assist, video production software designed to work with videographers during shooting to improve video quality and prevent shooting problems; Vlog It! the world's first video blogging software helps those with no video-editing experience or technical skills create a video blog within minutes to share information, commentary, opinion and more; and Ovation a companion software for Microsoft® PowerPoint® that automatically and instantly transforms PowerPoint slides into highly-polished, professional presentations.

Enhanced Telecommunications, Inc. was founded in 1992 to provide software solutions for the converging broadband technologies of television, telephony and data communications. The Company launched its first product in 1993, and now has an extensive array of products for the control and  management of broadband technologies. These products aid customer service representatives and technical service personnel in assigning and tracking subscriber services, and automate the delivery of services so they can be provided within seconds of ordering. 

DigitalContainers, Inc. has patented technologies and services that enable a radically new, decentralized content management, distribution and sales model that provides a profitable business model for all digital goods.

The company's digital commerce solutions enable legal file sharing and superdistribution and greatly reduce marketing and infrastructure costs. DigitalContainers solutions decentralize commerce such that transactions can occur anywhere and not just on a few central commerce sites.

NCast Corporation provides industry-leading solutions for interactive presentations, webcasting, and archiving. The NCast Telepresenter product lines combine the ubiquitous connectivity of Internet-based communications with the ability to stream graphics, video and audio sources to large and small audiences in conference rooms, classrooms or individual desktops. NCast technology also allows you to capture content in MPEG-4 format for later playback and edit.


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