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Content Pavilion - Special Promotions & Contests

This page provides information on the promotions associated with Viodi’s Content Pavilion. Over $7,000 in software will be given away in various ways as listed below:

Small Company Caucus Contest

Adobe has generously made six copies of the Premiere Elements 2.0 video editing software package available for US Telecom's Small Company Caucus members, as well for Viodi View's independent telcos readers. This is a great starter package that can help make an independent telco's Hollywood dreams a reality. Telcos must register and then come by the Content Pavilion, booth #305 to see if they won.

Click here to learn more about Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0

This contest was made available to telcos participating in the USTA-Viodi webinar held on March 15th. The presentation for that webinar can be found by clicking here.

Content Awards & Session Giveaway Ticket

One of the ways to win Sony's state-of-the-art video video editing software, Vegas, will be to stop by the Content Pavilion and pick up a ticket that will look something like the image on the right. We have 10 copies of Sony's Vegas that we will be giving away during the course of the show.

Additionally, the person whose content submission receives the most votes will win a copy of Sony's Vegas Video editing software.

Packet8 to Giveaway Softtalk™ Software

Packet8 will be giving away Packet8 Softalk™ software to attendees of Viodi's Content Pavilion. Packet8 Softalk™ is a PC-based application that allows subscribers to make and receive voice and video phone calls directly from their personal computers without the need for a regular analog phone. All that is required is a desktop or laptop personal computer running Microsoft Windows with built-in or external speakers and microphones or a computer headset.

ViewNow goes "Hollywood" with its drawing

True to its strong connections to Hollywood, ViewNow will have a drawing to give away a “director’s chair” as well as several copies of recent release blockbuster DVDs.

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