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Content Speaker Panels — NEXT Theater — Wed. 2:15 PM to 4:00 PM

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Session One— Just What Is Content?

In the new mixed up world that allows consumers to place and time-shift and choose content on their terms, more and more people are asking the question, “just what is content?”  Is it the short form, small screen programming increasingly available to wireless devices?  Is it the long-form and wide array of programming provided over the Internet?  Or, is it the on-demand and interactive channels that IPTV and HFC systems are enabling.  Hear a group of industry experts discuss the evolving role of content and what it means to both incumbent as well new entities that are trying to provide a suite of sticky bundles to their customers. 

Huw Rees - Packet8, Laura Buddine - Iacta, Steve Curran - ViewNow

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Session Two— Content Distribution Challenges & Opportunities

Content may be king, but content kingdoms are built on effective ways of distributing content via various kinds of networks. Electronic distribution of content has been a challenge for operators as signal theft has been a long-time drag to the cable industry. In the all-digital age, content owners have become even more concerned about piracy undercutting their revenues, which has slowed the rollout of new distribution approaches, like IPTV. Further distribution challenges have included the integration of disparate services into bundled packages. Finally, the integration of complex systems has been challenging as standards for interoperability have been relatively non-existent. This session will look at these and other issues and how they are being resolved in an increasingly integrated distribution world.

Kyle Copeland - Integra5, Garrett Johnson - Sencore, Mark Ellison - NRTC

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Session Three— Local Content – The Long-Term Differentiator

Telcos have spoken and they have overwhelming suggested that Local Content is a long-term differentiator for their operations. According to the results of a survey that Viodi conducted in January, 2006, 53% of the respondents are currently carrying local content and the remaining 2/3 are interested in providing local content within the next 24 months. These cutting edge providers are doing this to both help their community, as well as to provide a service that their competitors don’t have. This panel will focus on the tips, tools and techniques that operators can use to create this must-have offering.

Ken Pyle – Viodi, LLC, Pete Pifer - ETI Software, Guillaume Privat - Adobe

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